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Kingsham Primary School

Listed below are school policies that inform the daily life of Kingsham Primary School.

If you are unable to find the policy or information that you are looking for please contact Mrs Markopoulou or Mrs Hawthorn in the school office.


Accessibility Policy and Plan 

Admissions Policy 2023-24

Admissions Policy 2024-25

Admissions Appeals Policy 2023

Admissions Appeals Policy 2024

Anti-Bullying Policy 2023

Attendance Policy

Child Protection and Safeguarding Policy 2023-2024

Code of Conduct

Complaints Policy

ECT Policy

Equality, Diversity and Inclusivity Policy 2021 - 2024

Equality Action Plan (Reviewed from 2022-2023)

Equality Objectives and Action Plan 2023 - 2024

eSafety and Data Security Policy

Exclusions and Suspensions Policy

Health and Safety Policy

Policy for the Education of Children Looked After (CLA) and Previously Looked After (PLAC)

Remote Education Statement

Whistleblowing Policy (also known as Public Interest Policy)


School Life and Curriculum

Administering Medicines Policy

Asthma Policy 2023

Relationships Policy (Behaviour Policy)

Charging and Remissions Policy

Curriculum Statement

Feedback (Marking) Policy

First Aid Policy

Mobile Phone Policy

Relationships and Sex Education Policy (PSHCE Curriculum and RSE Curriculum)

SEND Policy 2023-2024

SEND Information Report 2023

Supporting Pupils with Medical Needs Policy 2024

Uniform Policy


GDPR (Data Protection Policies)

Data Protection Policy

Freedom of Information and Publication Scheme

Privacy notice for pupils

Privacy notice for children in need and children looked after

Privacy notice for school workforce

Privacy notice for governors

Retention and Deletion Policy

Subject Access Request Form