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Kingsham Primary School

Our Staff

Headteacher: Mr L Dallinger (Languages)

Assistant Headteacher: Mrs R Pallett (English)

SENDCo: Mr I Williams

Business Manager: Mrs J Whall


Class Teachers

Apple - Mrs J Gallimore (Early Years & RE)

Pear - Miss E Sotheran (Geography)

Ash - Mrs V Leslie (History) and Mrs J Hennessy (Music)

Elm - Mrs A Stretton-Watts (Art & DT)

Hawthorn - Mr M Crispin (Computing)

Oak - Miss H Tuck (Science)

Maple - Miss P Kyriakides (Mathematics)

Willow - Miss K Reed (P.E.)

Beech - Miss S Edwards (PSHCE)

Poplar - Miss S Fletcher (PE)

Birch - Miss E Bruce (English)


Teaching Assistants

  • Miss J Bennett
  • Mrs A Green
  • Mrs M Hammond 
  • Miss C Heath
  • Mrs N Keenoy
  • Mrs L Kidd
  • Mrs L Kirby
  • Miss S Lamb
  • Mrs S Lawlor 
  • Miss L Noble
  • Mrs M Oelman
  • Mrs H Phillips
  • Miss S Ryder
  • Ms M Sam
  • Mrs S Smith
  • Mrs R Targett
  • Miss B Watson

Higher Level Teaching Assistants

  • Mrs L Collyer (Currently on Maternity Leave)
  • Mrs E Mallinson
  • Mrs D Tarrant              

Lunchtime Supervisors

  • Miss J Bennett
  • Mrs C Gilmore-Hayes
  • Mrs M Hammond   
  • Mrs S Smith
  • Mrs C Talley
  • Mrs V Veale
  • Miss B Watson

Site Maintenance Co-ordinator

  • Mr R Hellyer


  • Miss L Gibson
  • Mrs K Mitchell  
  • Mrs P Waller 
  • Miss A Woodley    

Administrative Officer

  • Mrs S Hutchings               

Administrative Assistant 

  • Mrs J Hawthorn     
  • Mrs C Gilmore-Hayes