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Kingsham Primary School

Sport and PE at Kingsham

At Kingsham Primary School we are committed to raising the participation levels for our children in sporting and extra-curricular activities. Our other priorities are encouraging greater activity levels through a quality PE curriculum (which is taught by well-trained teachers) and through an engaging play environment.

In short, our objective is to ensure our children live healthy, active lives at school and discover and engage in a range of PE and sporting activities during their time at Kingsham. We hope this will develop healthy living habits which the children will take with them throughout their lives. 

At Kingsham, our commitment to the above objective is demonstrated through a range of opportunities including:

Daily Mile 

Every class participates in the daily mile, this is a time for them to take a break from their learning and get moving. Multiple research and studies have shown that this allows children to focus on their learning and improve their attainment across the curriculum. Each term house captains and sports crew plan themed whole school daily miles, where we turn out as a whole school community and take part in a half hour of exercise around the whole school field.

During the winter months when the weather cannot always be relied on, classes take part in a ‘Daily Brain Break’ which replaces the daily mile. Including various activities such as Joe Wicks 5 minute workouts; Go Noodle dance breaks; Would You Rather movement breaks and brain break runs. These can be accessed at home, please ask your child which their favourite is and have a go at home.


The PE curriculum at Kingsham embeds the 4 main pillars of physical education. Motor competence, fundamental movement skills (FMS); rules, strategies and tactics; and healthy participation. This is delivered through the following areas throughout our school:

Reception:  Your child will participate daily in play based exploration to enhance their gross and fine motor skills.  In addition to this, your child will take part in weekly PE lessons where they will start to explore a variety of FMS including but not limited to running, jumping, twisting, balancing, throwing and catching.

Key Stage One:  Your child will build on the foundations learned in reception and start to combine the skills in fun and engaging games. The main focus of this key stage is to embed the FMS. They will start to explore rules, strategies and tactics while playing with their friends in small games. They will have access to a variety of age specific equipment to explore the FMS and other specific movement patterns such as gymnastic and dance. They will be introduced to the vocabulary of healthy participation and start to make their own independent choices of which physical activities they prefer.

Lower Key Stage Two (Year 3 and 4): Children during the lower key stages start to make the journey to more sport specific skills. During these years the FMS are linked to various sports. They will participate each term with a FMS focus which is paired with various sporting opportunities. They will start to lead and officiate small games to develop their awareness of rules, strategies and tactics. Being encouraged to work on their own to solve problems and work together to find the solutions. During these years they will start to explore how physical activity has an impact on not only their physical health but also their mental health.

Upper Key Stage 2 (Year 5 and 6): During their final years at Kingsham Primary School your child will cement all of the pillars through specific sports across the curriculum. They become the teachers to their peers planning various activities and warm ups to lead, as well as each week getting chances to officiate games and work together to solve problems which occur. They are now able to understand the benefits of physical education and discuss which sports or physical activities they enjoy.

Girls Football Award

As our continued promise to create an equal playing field for girls, we have signed off on a designated girls’ football day at lunchtimes on Friday. Throughout the school year we take part in various events which are specifically aimed at empowering young girls to take part in football and other sports.

Equal access to football pledge - Longlands Primary School

Equal Opportunities

As part of the new criteria for the PE Premium Allocation and continuing from the success of the England Lionesses, we as a school have continued the ethos of the girls’ football award and extended this to other areas of our curriculum. During certain sports taught girls will have the chance to play together or to continue to participate with the boys. We have community links with Chichester Rugby Club and during the summer terms provide opportunities for girls only tag rugby during lunchtimes ran by Mrs. Fletcher. We truly believe at Kingsham that sport teaches young children vital life skills such as self-belief, respect, honesty, teamwork and determination. Skills which can empower ALL of our students but specifically young girls.

Playtime and Active Lunch

Our incredible lunchtime staff deliver various activities throughout the school year. However, our Kingsham Sports Crew once trained in the spring term start to take a more active role at lunch and playtimes. Arranging and organising different activities and leading small sessions. The children always report during our subject audit how happy they are with the variety of activities they can take part in during their breaks.

Travel Tracker (written by Amelia and Albie)

Travel-tracker is a way to record your journey to school. We are trying to persuade children to walk, scooter or ride to school, so we can stop lots of cars being on the road. Even parking on the other side of the park and walking across. The travel tracker could make you want to walk, wheel, skate, cycle or scoot to school.  

House Competitions

During the autumn term we award year 6 students the roles of house captains, throughout the academic year they meet and plan different events which provide each house with points. The events are usually linked to sports taught within our curriculum as well as some creative projects. The house competitions culminate with our ‘School Sports Week’ which is held each year where we invite all of the school community to join in with their child’s sports day and to earn the final house points of the school year.

Inter School Competitions

Throughout the school year we take part in various competitions against schools from the Chichester and Bognor Regis area. Each child is selected for various reasons but we aim to allow all children at least one opportunity to take part in a competition throughout their time at Kingsham.

During the autumn term we select a small group of year 6 students who become our Kingsham Sport journalists, they attend each competition and report back for this page of the school website.  

Take a look at some of the children's reports of recent competitions and activities below.