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Kingsham Primary School

Pupil Roles and Responsibilities

At Kingsham Primary School, we value every child, ensuring that children are always at the heart of every decision we make. Therefore, we offer a variety of roles and responsibilities to empower our children to actively contribute to our school community and ensure they have a valued voice in school decision-making.

Through these opportunities, we aim to encourage our children to:

  • Develop the CROWN learning values that we all work towards;
  • Aspire to take on roles and responsibilities so that they are an active member of the community;
  • Foster good relationships and respect for each other;
  • Speak about their opinions and ideas confidently whilst actively listening to others.

The wide range of roles and responsibilities include:

  • School Ambassadors
  • School Council Members
  • Eco-team Members of the Green Gang
  • Sports Crew
  • Peer Mediators
  • Librarians 
  • Year 6 Buddies

School Ambassadors 

In Year 6, pupils are nominated by staff across the school to be elected as a School Ambassador. These pupils are then chosen by the school leadership team to set the highest standards of pupil leadership across the school. They lead by example and can be relied upon to uphold the school values and ethos. The appointed pupils promote the school at various events and are confident to speak in front of a wide range of audiences. They contribute to the development of the school.

School Council

Children from Reception upwards are selected by their class to be on the School Council. This is a role of responsibility with each elected member representing the views of their class. Elections take place at the beginning of the academic year and take a variety of approaches depending upon the age of the children.

Green Gang

At Kingsham, we have a very active Eco-Team (Green Gang) who work on lots of initiatives to make our school more sustainable and eco-friendly. This ranges from litter picking, fundraising, taking care of the environment and so on. Each class has 2 members elected by their peers. 

Sports Crew

In Upper Key Stage Two, children can apply to become a Sports Crew member. As part of this, they will train to run sporting events and activities across the school. These children have supported activities in lessons, at sporting events, at lunchtimes and breaktimes, and made sure our PE equipment is being looked after. 

Peer Mediators

Our school uses a Restorative Approach to managing disputes and friendship difficulties. We encourage pupils to seek trained peer mediators who are selected pupils trained in this approach. Peer Mediation is a process where those involved in a disagreement volunteer to discuss the issues and explore how best to take matters forward.  It requires them to operate within a whole school ethos, which is itself restorative. Pupils learn to navigate friendship difficulties, listen to others' points of view and to accept differences. 


Children can apply to become a school librarian and will be supported by our school ambassadors. Librarians will look after our wonderful library and the wide selection of books. 

Year 6 Buddies

Each child in Year 6 is assigned a buddy in the school (usually a Reception or KS1 child). Their role is to help the younger children take their first steps in their school journey in a friendly and supportive way.