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Kingsham Primary School


Welcome to our Eco- School Blog where we will tell you all about the new things we are doing to help our environment. You will be able to find out who is on the Eco Council and what we discuss. At Kingsham we have many ideas and are always busy with new projects to help us achieve the goals we set on our Eco Action Plan.

We hope you enjoy reading our blog!

From the Eco Council

Eco Warriors

At Kingsham Primary School, a group of children have been given the opportunity to be part of the Eco Warriors. This group has one representatives from each year, Years R to 6, who attend a meeting once a half term. In these meetings the children, along with a teacher, discuss ways of improving our school to make it more eco friendly. The children known as the ‘Eco Warriors’ take their role very seriously and understand that we all play a part in the role of making our school more sustainable.