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Kingsham Primary School

Please see below the key areas of our risk assessment to keep our children, staff and wider school community safe during the Summer 2021 term:

As a school, we will prioritise the Prevention measures outlined in the DfE's 'Schools Operational Guidance'

If your child receives a positive Covid-19 test result:

  • Do not send your child or their siblings to school
  • Phone the school as soon as possible. We will need to report the case and we may need to close a bubble of children in the school to prevent further cases.
  • If the test result comes during a weekend, please phone the school and leave a message on the answer phone, email to let us know and phone the school at 8am on Monday morning to confirm.
  • Your child can return to school after 10 days of isolation.

Organisation of teaching spaces

  • Maximum ventilation – windows and doors open whenever possible
  • Any new adult to the bubble must sign in (unless timetabled)
  • Children will wear PE kits to school on the days they have PE
  • Books – cannot be shared for 72 hours if they have shiny covers (24 hours without shiny covers)
  • Exercise books should be quarantined for 24 hours if taken home to be marked
  • Books can be marked by staff in the Bubble.

Hand washing Protocol

  • When children enter school in the morning
  • When they go out for break and lunch (am and pm)
  • When they return from break and lunch
  • If changing classrooms (including going into the hall)
  • Before leaving at the end of the day
  • If there are concerns about sharing or contamination from outside the bubble.

Breaks and Lunchtimes

  • Staggered timetable to allow bubbles to have a break where they will only come into contact with children from their parallel classes e.g. Year 5/6 classes
  • Children will have hot lunches delivered to classrooms (All children will eat in their classrooms. Apple and Pear only to eat in the hall). All surfaces wiped down after lunch.
  • Plan drawn for designated areas for children to remain in and shared with all staff - including playground and the field.

The School Day

  • Staggered start (8:40, 8:45 and 8:50) and finish times (3:00, 3:05 and 3:10) to reduce the numbers of people on site at one time
  • Entrances and exits communicated to parents/carers
  • Children to come into class when they arrive – with parents/carers then encouraged to leave site as swiftly as possible.

Measures to keep the school community safe.

  • Adults distancing from other adults at all times – Maximum of 6 in the staff room 
  • Adults to think about their positioning when speaking to children
  • Bubbles to move around the outside of the building where possible
  • Bubbles to clean as they go
  • Bubbles to create memorable safety and cleaning measures to fit into the bubble's timetable
  • Distanced staff meetings held in the well-ventilated hall
  • Any underlying health conditions of children or staff to be made explicit to the school leadership for an up to date risk assessment
  • School leadership team are available if anyone is struggling emotionally. We also have the support of the Care First package.

If there is a suspected case

  • Move the child to the medical room to be isolated – Remain at least 2 metres away at all times
  • Anyone attending to the child should wear PPE (available in every classroom, from the medical room or the front office)
  • Inform the office so that they can contact home for the child to be picked up as swiftly as possible
  • Child will then be taken to their parent/carer and given an information leaflet – child will need to take a test
  • Medical room and child’s workspace to be thoroughly cleaned down
  • Follow guidance below.




  • By prior appointment only–
  • Full details taken when the visitor signs in for Track and Trace
  • Visitors will be asked to wear face masks, if they are working with children, they will need to wear a face shield
  • Observation protocols – safe space, away from other children by the door
  • Visitor Policy will be strictly followed.