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Kingsham Primary School

When is the school re-opening to Reception, Year 1 and Year 6

Children of key workers and those who have been attending since March return as usual on Monday 1st June.

We hope that Reception and Year 1 will return within the first week back but we have no definite date as yet.

Year 6 will only return when these groups are settled and the new routines are established. 

We will let you know exact dates as soon as we are able.

Please see below for further information.

Information on a planned wider opening of schools

You should be aware that schools may be opening for more pupils in June.  The government are due to make an announcement to confirm this on 28th May 2020.  Once we have confirmation of the wider opening date from central government, we will be offering a carefully managed​, phased return to school for the children in the identified year groups (Reception, Y1 and l Y6).

The government  have devised a  strategy  for schools which includes a ‘bubble’/group  model of working in order  to minimise the spread of the virus.    This is the method proposed by the government for social distancing in schools. The government does not expect us to keep the younger children 2m apart from each other but are asking us to ​limit their contact with others whilst also adopting rigorous hand and respiratory hygiene. We will be adopting the model proposed by the government and their medical advisors of keeping children in a group ​or 'bubble' of not more than 15 children​. Each group will:

  • have at least one member of staff who will work with them and no other group of children;
  • remain apart from children in other bubbles during their time at school;
  • have their own desk space and equipment;
  • be allocated a single classroom space as their own which children and staff from other bubbles/groups will not enter
  • have an outdoor area allocated to them so they can do activities/playtime outside without coming into contact with children in other bubbles.

This arrangement will allow us to minimise any spread of the virus between bubbles and allow children to socialise and learn with their peers within their bubble.  I hope you understand that we wish to manage this return as carefully as possible and to ensure that every child has a safe and appropriate experience, while minimising the spread of the virus in the school community.

When children will return to school

Children of critical keyworkers and other eligible children who have been attending school since 23rd March, will return to school as usual on Monday 1st June.  ​They will come in as usual on ​the ​first day and will trial the new systems we have put in place, to minimise the risk from the virus, by keeping children in protected groups.  Once these children have settled into the new routines and when we think it is appropriate to do so we will welcome children in Reception and Year One. We hope that this will be within the first week back.  Only when these groups are settled and new routines are established, will we welcome back children in Year Six.


The Government has given schools detailed guidance on implementing protective measures.  The ‘Bubble’ system is part of this guidance and we are also implementing a range of additional measures  to keep children and staff as safe as possible. A thorough risk assessment has been undertaken. Included here are details of how we are implementing this advice at Kingsham.

What children should wear

Children are not required to wear uniform. Frequent washing of clothes is recommended so to avoid you having to wash uniform daily children may wear home clothes. To reduce items in school children will not need a PE kit. They will be taking part in PE, sports and outdoor learning each day so please send children to school wearing comfortable clothes suitable for these activities - shorts and t-shirts, track suits or leggings (no jeans please). Plimsolls or trainers should be worn.   Parents are advised, that when children return home they should change their clothes and the clothes worn at school should be washed.

What children will need to bring

Children will be provided with all the materials and equipment they need in school which will be stored in individual trays to reduce the need to share resources. Please do not send toys, pencil cases or any other items from home to school. No PE kits (see above). Children will be keeping belongings in their bubble room.  Lockers and corridor pegs will not be used. Please do not send any unnecessary bags.  Reading books will not be sent home at this time.  On your child’s first day back, please return to the school any school library books and your child’s pack of equipment issued by the school.  To avoid sending things between home and school, we will not be setting or sending homework for those pupils in school.

Drop off and pick up arrangements

To reduce numbers of parents and children in the playground at any one time, there will be two access points to the school site: the main school gate into the playground and  the gate in the car park. Drop off and pick up times will be staggered. You will be informed of which gate to use and given start and finish times. Parents must keep to these times and maintain social distancing on the school site. Most children will access the school building through external classroom doors and children may enter these doors as they arrive, rather than line up. Please note that parents will not be able to come into the classrooms.  Children should only bring bicycles or scooters if this is absolutely essential for attendance. 

Adjustments to school week

The school will be closed to most pupils on Wednesday afternoons  except the ​children of Keyworkers ​and other eligible pupils.  This is in line with all schools in the Trust so that teachers receive their statutory planning, preparation and assessment time without disrupting the ‘Bubble’ staffing strategy.  This time will also be used for further deep cleaning of the school.

How classes will be arranged

On return to school your child may have a different classroom and teacher. They will be in groups of up to 15 children known as ‘Bubbles’. They will not be able to mix with other children. Where possible children will be working with familiar staff in a group of children of the same age. All groups will be led by an adult and some will have more than one adult. Teachers will be planning and setting the learning for all groups but some groups will be led by teaching assistants. Classrooms will look different when children return. Tables and chairs have been spaced to ensure every child has their own working space and all of the learning resources a child will need will be available for them at their own table.

Adjustments to the curriculum

Children will not have all of their normal lessons. We will ensure that returning to school will be a positive experience for the children. Well-being will be a priority and there will be a focus on  personal, social and health education, increased opportunities for PE and music and plenty of outdoor learning. Reading will be at the heart of the curriculum and there will be a strong focus on this. Basic skills in English and maths will also be a priority and will be taught daily.


One of our school golden rules is “ Safe”. Linked to this we have added to our Behaviour expectations a set of “Bubble Rules”. When children return to school the staff will take time to ensure that children know and understand the new rules and routines .  We will be regularly reminding and encouraging the children to follow these rules. We will continue to reward and celebrate positive behaviour. It is important that children follow the expectations. If a child does not and their behaviour is unsafe, we will work closely with their parents. Frequent poor or unsafe behaviour will likely result in a risk assessment that a child  will not be able to attend at this time.

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and hygiene

Children should not wear masks or face coverings. Staff will not wear masks or face coverings unless they are supporting  a child with symptoms, who is waiting to be picked up or they are delivering intimate care.

Regular handwashing will take place throughout the day. Children will be encouraged to follow good respiratory hygiene - ‘Catch it, bin it, kill it ’.  Regular toilet breaks will be built into the day and access to toilets will be carefully managed by staff. The number of children in toilets at any one time will be limited. Toilets will be cleaned regularly throughout the day.

Pupils with Individual needs

If you have a concern about your child please do not hesitate to talk to us about this.

Ensuring the school is clean

Our cleaning and premises staff have given the school a deep clean. A cleaner will be in school each day so there will be regular cleaning of toilets, door handles, light switches and hard surfaces during the day. All of the classrooms have been cleared of unnecessary equipment and items that are difficult to keep clean, such as soft furnishings and soft toys. Each day there will be thorough cleaning of the school. Cleaning materials are available in every classroom for staff to use if necessary.

All spaces will be well ventilated

Opening doors and windows will ensure that classrooms are well ventilated. Propping open doors will also limit the use of door handles.

What if there is a case of Coronavirus in school?

Please do not send your child to school if  they are unwell.

If a child has symptoms they will be moved to the medical room and you will be asked to collect them immediately. Any person with symptoms must self-isolate for 7 days and the people they live with must self-isolate for 14 days. If anyone at school tests positive the whole Bubble class must self-isolate for 14 days.


When and if the school has opened more widely to YR, Y1 and Y6 we hope that children will attend. The DfE has confirmed that there will be no penalty for families who do not send their children back to school but that families, ‘will be strongly encouraged to take up these places – unless the child or family member is shielding or the child is particularly vulnerable due to an underlying condition.’


Current homelearning arrangements will continue after half term.  When a year group returns to school, homelearning will no longer be provided for that year group. However we will support individuals with homelearning where a child is unable to attend because the child or family member is shielding or the child is particularly vulnerable due to an underlying condition.

What parents can do to help

  • Respect drop off and pick up times.
  • Practise social distancing / current government guidelines both outside the school and on the school site.
  • Do not send your child to school if they or someone in your household is unwell ( see above paragraph).
  • If your child’s year group is due to be in school, please communicate with us if they will not be attending.
  • Continue to support your children who are not in school with homelearning.

Thank you for your support and understanding at this unprecedented time. 


Update from GOV.UK

What parents and carers need to know about schools and education during the coronavirus outbreak.

During this period of partial school closure the school has arrangements in place to ensure the safeguarding children during the COVID-19 emergency. Please see the Child Protection Arrangements during COVID-19 document below.

To enable your child to successfully learn at home during this time of partial school closure, staff will be posting work for all children to complete through a number of online platforms. Please see below for the various sites. A letter will be in your child’s pack that has already been sent home. Please use the link on the  right that contains letters that have been sent home via Parentmail.

Show My Homework - See user guides below

Web address


Web address            

Purple Mash

Web address

Accelerated Reader

Web address

Phonics Bug (Reception and Year 1 only)

Web address             

Guides and support links on how to use these platforms can be found on the school website but should you need any further assistance please email the school office on