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Resolve to Waste Less

Lots of people make resolutions to change their behaviour at the start of the new year, and if yours involves wasting less or recycling more, than we are here to help!

Our website is full of useful information where you can recycle everyday items, what goes into your recycling bin at home, and the opening days and times of all our Recycling Centres. 

We have a searchable A-Z of materials that you can recycle at home, at our Recycling Centres, or elsewhere. Plus it gives hints and tips on reuse - you can find out more about these in our New Years clear out section below.

Small electrical items

Fairy lights wrapped around tree: Photo by Kelly Sikkema on Unsplash

Many people will have taken down their Christmas decorations and packed them away for another year. If you are one of them, and need to dispose of broken electricals such as fairy lights, we are here to help.

The district and borough councils in West Sussex offer different collections for unwanted or broken small electrical items, such as kettles or hairdryers, and you can find out more or their websites:

If your item is simply in need of repair You could take it to a local repair shop to give it new life, Alternatively, donate working electrical items to charity, sell it, or give it away through a local community site if it's in good condition. If your electricals are beyond repair, you can also take them to Recycling Centres across West Sussex, which also accept larger electrical items.

Clean, dry and loose

After Christmas a lot of residents will find they have more recycling than can fit into their kerbside bin. Many of the District and Borough councils will accept extra recycling, as long as it is presented correctly. You can click the links listed above for more information on this. 

If you can fit all your recycling in the bin, please make sure that the lid is kept closed, especially in wet or windy weather. If the lid is not closed and the card gets wet, it cannot be recycled as it turns to a paper mâché type material that blocks the machinery. Broken glass can also get stuck to wet paper and card, which means that cannot be recycled either. Please break and fold up boxes and pop them inside the bin, ensuring you can close the lid.

You can also take extra recycling to the Recycling Centres across West Sussex. There are areas for mixed recycling, as well as separate paper and card bins if you have a lot of packaging to dispose of.

New Year clear out


If you are having a clear out for the New Year, and starting on the spring cleaning early, we've got some information for you on how to best dispose of unwanted items, rather than putting them in the general waste.

Clothes: if you don't need or want your wearable clothes and shoes, you could offer them to friends or family, donate them to charity, or use an app such as Vinted or Olio to sell or donate them. We also accept unwanted clothes and shoes at our Recycling Centres.

Electricals: see the section above for information on how to dispose of small electricals. larger items can be donated to some charities, if working, or can be taken to our Recycling Centres. 

Books: you could donate usable books to a charity shop, local groups such as parent-toddler groups, or sell them online. Alternatively, books that can no longer be read can be taken to the book banks at our Recycling Centres.

CDs & DVDs: all our recycling centres accept CDs and DVDs. You could also donate usable CDs or DVDs to a charity shop, or sell them online, or use them in the garden to deter birds or in a craft project with children to create shiny ornaments.

Toys: consider donating good condition toys to a local preschool, parent-toddler group or charity shop. Any broken or damaged toys can be recycled at our Recycling Centres, but please remove batteries if they have them, and put these in the battery recycling area, to reduce the possibility of fires.