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Governor's support during the Year 6 SATs

A message from Talie Wood:

What a privilege it was for the Governors to have been able to witness the year 6’s taking their SATs last week. I have always known that the SATs are a big deal but had never experienced firsthand how significant it is for the school and the children.

On the Tuesday of the test week, we even had a monitoring visit from West Sussex to check that we were adhering to all necessary protocols (needless to say we were and we received very positive feedback!).

It was great to see the children enjoying a breakfast of croissants, fruit and orange juice and see them enjoying themselves (if the noise and energy are anything to go by) before they had to knuckle down to tackle the paper of the day.

The cacophony of the hall was quickly silenced, however, as they were given a last minute pep talk each morning and they then filed to their respective rooms to sit a paper during which you could have heard a pin drop. You could see that each and every child was doing their best.

Well done Kingsham! Parents and teachers – you should be very proud!