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Kingsham Primary School

Apple and Pear fundraising for Stonepillow

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A fundraising idea from one of the children

After we saw some of our grown ups running a marathon to raise some money for our school, we were so inspired we wanted to work hard to raise our own money too! We know we are very lucky at Kingsham and that some people need a bit of extra help so we chose to raise our money for Stonepillow as it is a charity from our community, and we are really keen to help out the people who need it!

Instead of our daily run around the playground will be doing laps of the running track on the field every day of the week! Every day we will add another one until Friday when we do as many as we possibly can! We would be very happy if you could see just how hard we have worked as our posters and flags pop up around the school!

All donations would be greatly appreciated, no matter how big or small! Visit our Just Giving page here: