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Kingsham Primary School

A Joyous Return

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Kingsham is alive with the sound of children learning and laughing

After eight weeks of the school year interrupted by lockdown, it has been a joy to welcome all of the children back to school. There were more than one or two relieved adults happily dropping their children off at the school gates on Monday!

We have been touched by the overwhelming number of positive comments from parents and carers about the education their children received either remotely or at school. The adults in the school have worked incredibly hard to ensure this week is a success for all of the children. We still have half of the year left to achieve great things with the children!

Have a look at some of the achievements of this week:

Times Table Bands

Children have clearly been working on their number bonds and their times tables as we have had a good number of them earning their times table bands.

Jack with all of his times table bands!

Excellent work

There have been some fabulous examples of work that children have brought in, having completed it at home:

Five Chapters of A Pirate's Tale by Joseph
Zach made the outdoor area that he wanted to see!

Children playing with their friends

The playgrounds are alive with the joy of children playing with their friends...It has felt like a long time, but it is wonderful to have them back.