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Kingsham Primary School

Viking Workshop

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The first session was about warriors in the viking age. First we looked at a sword but it was not real. Then he got his sheild and I was amazed by it. He then got the rest of the wepons out. He handed out the helmets and the chainmail and I lifted it up. The helmet I wore did not fit me at all. Also there was a long bow and arrow, there are different arrows, I most liked an arrow that got on fire. There were also ways to kill, my favourite one was where my frend was acting as a king and he was being killed.

After break we learnt how to start a fire with diffrent materials. Then we did stories and I was in it. The first story was about Thors wife and her hair. The second one was about the godess of love. We also learnt how to play a Viking game. Last but not least we did a funeral.

Now I wonder what will happen tomorrow.