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Kingsham Primary School

Governor Visit - Talie Wood

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Talie Wood's visit - Weds 17th November 2021

I popped into school on Wednesday this week, to discuss the upcoming Governors Meeting and was thrilled to see the energy and the buzz as the children began to arrive for the day.

Mums, Dads and little ones were all waiting patiently for the gates to be opened at 8:35 for the classroom doors to open promptly at 8.40 and as the classroom doors were closed at 8.50 silence slowly descended on the school grounds.  

In Cherry class with Miss Tuck, the little ones were already engaging in activities - either practising their number bonds, doing quizzes related to a recently read book or reading quietly to themselves. It was such a busy hive of purposeful activity it was great to see, especially after the challenges the children have faced through the Covid crisis.

Well done staff and pupils of Kingsham!